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How Actualization Coaching Works


My role as your coach is to serve as a teacher, accountability partner, advocate, motivator, and an emotional support. I will help you get clear on where you are (how your health, life, values and goals are currently aligned), tap into your HIGHEST values to refine your goals, and support you in taking massive action to achieve your goals, live in alignment and actualize your audacious potential.
Before we go further let’s get clear – I cannot change your health and life – but YOU CAN. 


Comprehensive Health & Life Consultation

To uncover what lifestyle choices, values and beliefs as well as physiological or bio-chemical factors may be currently influencing your health and life.

Practical Tools & Information

Rooted in science to help you decide how to refine your choices and behaviors to achieve your goals.

Compassionate Accountability

To support you in pushing past your comfort zone and release negative patterns to boost your confidence and reclaim your power.


Getting really curious and letting go of judgement

So that you can truly evaluate how your choices and behaviors are serving you.

Honing your tools and awareness

Because only you can know what is working and having an impact on your health and life.

Taking Massive Action

To put your values into motion and actualize your vision.


To create a solid foundation, initiate a growth-oriented mindset, and establish accountability requires an initial commitment of 12 weeks. Our first meeting will be a 90-minute health and life evaluation where we can fill in any gaps in the information you will have provided and establish some preliminary goals. I require that this meeting occurs either in person or by video call as it will really help us establish a better rapport.  Our remaining meetings can be in person, over the phone or by video call and will be 70 minutes every other week. A brief 10-minute check-in/accountability call will be offered during the off weeks.

You are exceptional, and your goals are distinct, so please know that I do not work with cookie cutter plans. Although there are some foundational principals to health and wellness even those exist on a spectrum. WE will be drawing on your personal expertise, awareness, and feedback combined with my knowledge, skills and research to develop and modify (if necessary) a plan to reach your goals.

In addition to any suggestions or offerings made during our call you can expect a follow e-mail within 48 hours which will include additional resources, tools and potentially homework to help you take the next actions required to achieve your goals.

Finally, I will be available by e-mail within reason for any questions or concerns which may come up between sessions.
At the end of your 12-week commitment we’ll discuss options to continue with coaching or establish a plan for you to fly solo. Everyone progresses at a different pace, needs various levels of support, or runs into complexities. Having a well-established relationship will help determine exactly the level of support you need going forward. We will continue this evaluation process every other month going forward. 


Your initial commitment of 12 weeks will cost $800. The first payment of $300 is required to schedule your health and life evaluation. The remaining two payments of $250 will be required prior to scheduling appointment 3 and appointment 5.  This cost includes the health and life evaluation, five in depth sessions, accountability calls, research and individual program development and modifications, follow up emails with resources, and additional email support as required.

Continued coaching services are available at $250/month (4 weeks) for bi-weekly meetings or $130/month for one meeting. Both options include the same level of support as your initial commitment.

Session by session services are available for $150/session and include the follow up e-mail.


There are no quick fixes but there can be quick decisions followed by decisive action. Our process in getting to those decisions is different for all of us. I like to set the expectation that this is work and change is a process that can take some time. That said, please note that I am not interested in having life-long clients. If I am not helping you to progress toward your goals or become rooted in your sovereignty so that you do not need me then I am not doing my job.